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online money making ideas There are 3,000 stores and Aunt Qian’s income is 900 million?

According to public information, Aunt Qian was established in 1995. In 2012,online money making ideas  Aunt Qian was established in Guangzhou to deal in fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and vegetables, and roasted meat products.

Aunt Qian grasped the mentality of Guangdong consumers to "pursue fresh ingredients".online money making ideas  When the first pork specialty store opened in Dongguan in 2012, she launched the business philosophy of "not selling overnight meat". In 2013, Aunt Qian entered the community fresh food.
In September 2018,Free Gay Porn Videos Aunt Qian ushered in the grand opening of its thousandth store. From the first store to the thousandth store, Aunt Qian spent more than 5 years.
But it took less than two years to go from 1,000 stores to 2,000 stores,Free Gay Porn Videos and it took only half a year to reach 3,000 stores. In February 2021, the total number of Aunt Qian’s stores nationwide exceeded 3,000.

However, the threshold for franchisees of Aunt Qian is not low. According to the business promotion brochure of Aunt Qian, the initial investment of joining a standard store of Aunt Qian (60 square meters) includes an initial fee of 30,000 yuan and a brand. The security deposit is 20,000 yuan, the payment security deposit is 20,000 yuan, the store decoration cost is 80,000 yuan, the equipment procurement cost is 200,000 yuan, the pre-opening publicity materials are 20,000 yuan, and the labor salary, rent, water and electricity bills, etc., at least Need to invest 400,000 yuanonline money making ideas .

Secondly, Aunt Qian will also charge the franchisee a "brand usage fee", that is, during the five-year contract period, after half a year of opening, Aunt Qian will charge 1% of the daily turnover before 19:00, and every day for the second to 5 years. 1.5% of the turnover before 19:00 will be used as brand usage fee.

online money making ideas Franchisees "bleed" in exchange for traffic

But in fact, many franchisees are not only unable to make money,online money making ideas  but also continue to lose money.

Zhang Liang said that his store sales are basically more than 10,000 yuan per day, and can reach 30,000 yuan at most. The passenger flow is 500-600 people per day, but the stores are losing money every month. The two stores invested a total of 1.2 million yuan in the early stage. After operating for more than a year, Zhang Liang did not make any money from this business,online money making ideas  but instead went into a loss of 500,000 yuan.

The turnover is not low, the loss is not small, or it is because of the "stepped discount strategy" of Aunt Qian. In order to sell all dishes on the same day, Aunt Qian’s store will clear the goods at a 10% discount from 19:00 every day, and the price will be reduced by 10% every half an hour until 23:00. Free delivery.

Discounts have brought passenger flow to Aunt Qian’s stores,online money making ideas  but they have also led to losses in some stores.

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